Quality Managment of Livesock Products



STANDARDS AND QUALITY: Implementation of a quality management system for livestock products

The Kazakh National Agrarian Research University continues to hold the traditional international summer school online and offline.

Why the "Quality Managment of Livesock Products"?


Purpose: Increasing the level of knowledge of undergraduates in the field of quality management of livestock production, the development of innovative technologies and research methods.
Аnnotation. Undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists are given a unique opportunity to participate in the summer school, improve their knowledge in the field of quality management of livestock production.

The program includes lectures, master/training classes and round tables, which allow students to form professional and interpersonal competencies.
The international team of teachers of the summer school is formed from professionals of the highest level - leading domestic and foreign scientists, representatives o f industry research institutes and production.
Tours to agro-industrial enterprises will be organized. Active researchers from the field of the Agro-industrial complex are invited to participate in the work of the summer school.


Head of school

Abdirakhman Ombayev is one of the leading scientists in Kazakhstan in the field of livestock, who have made a significant contribution to the scientific support of the country's agro-industrial complex. Over the years of scientific activity, for 25 years he headed the research institutes of animal husbandry and fodder production. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1991), Professor (1994), Honored Worker of Kazakhstan (1996), laureate of the State Prize in Science, Technology and education (2005), foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2007), Knight of the Order "Kurmet" (2008), correspondent of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan member (2017), Honorary inventor of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2016), Honorary citizen of Sozakskiy (1997) and Otyrar (2007) districts of the South Kazakhstan region. By the International Bibliographic Center (Cambridge, Great Britain), his surname is included in the list of outstanding scientists of the world in 2008 with the award of the Gold Medal of Excellence. For his contribution to the development of zootechnical science and education, he was awarded the Efim Fedotovich Liskun Medal (2014) by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Russian State Agrarian University - K.A. Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy. He is the author of a method for obtaining a white karakul (1988), a method for feeding sheep (1992), a method for choosing pink Karakul sheep (2005), a method for breeding Karakul sheep of Kunir color (2010), Otyrar breeding white Karakul sheep Sules (2007), Ordabasin meat – fat sheep (2013). Author of 16 books, 67 copyright certificates and patents, 27 recommendations and 521 scientific papers. Under his leadership, 9 doctoral and 28 candidate dissertations were defended.

What is attractive about the upcoming summer school 2022 in Almaty?

Our speakers will talk about it:


Serkan Ozkaya

Doctor of Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry, Head. Department of Animal Science of Isparta University


Jan Michinsky

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Warsaw-Masurian University.


Chortonbayev Targoot Dzhumadievich

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the Kyrgyz University.


Bobokulov Nosilo Asadovich

Director of the Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Karakul Breeding and Pasture Ecology, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor


Paul Shobel

PhD doctoral student, "Agrarian Productionand Consulting GmbH".


Rakhimov Sharafchon Toyrovich

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Department of TPPJ of the Tajik State Agrarian University.


Akhmetzyanova Firaya Kazbekovna

Head of the Department of Feeding, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after N.E. Bauman"

Registration of participants:
Summer school 2022, 06-19.06, Almaty

Those wishing to participate in ISS-2022 should send an application by May 25, 2022 (till 17.00, Almaty).
The ISS-2022 Coordinating Councils will screen applications and will send a letter of invitation to participants by May 27, 2022.
Candidates must confirm their participation in ISS-2022 by May 30, 2022.
Participation in ISS-2022, accommodation at the expense of KAZNARU


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